Viewpoint - Diversity and Tolerance

Missouri University of Science and Technology seeks to accommodate and respect the views and perspectives of students that may conflict with the doctrine of discipline and its normal methodologies in a way that does not compromise the learning experience. We strive to protect students and professors, ensuring that they are judged on their abilities and performance rather than their viewpoint, political persuasion, or religious beliefs. As such, the University welcomes intellectual diversity and the free exchange of ideas.

Academic decisions including grades should be based solely on considerations that are intellectually relevant to the subject matter. Neither students nor faculty should be disadvantaged or evaluated on the basis of their political beliefs. Any member of the campus community who believes he or she has been treated unfairly regarding academic matters has access to the institutional process by which his or her grievance can be addressed. Students may refer to the University of Missouri policy 390.010 for a listing of student discrimination grievances at

Students may report concerns involving forms of discrimination, viewpoint diversity or tolerance to the Office of Institutional Equity, Diversity and Inclusion using the online report form at or by visiting 113 Centennial Hall, 573-341-4920.  Students may contact the Dean of Students Office in 107H Norwood Hall, 573-341-4209 or submit an online report at:, to discuss or file a Student Discrimination Grievance Procedure concern.