University Committee for Assistance, Response, and Evaluation

Missouri S&T’s University Committee for Assistance, Response, and Evaluation (UCARE) was formed to address the need for greater communication and preparedness regarding students facing difficulty through prevention and amelioration strategies.

With the increasing number of students with various health concerns and learning challenges attending college, it is inevitable that more difficulties in functioning will be observed. When a need exists, UCARE offers consultation, assistance and response using a multidisciplinary approach in order to make our campus the safest environment possible

Members of the campus community are encouraged to contact UCARE when concerned about a student, regardless of how insignificant the concern may seem. Doing so assists UCARE in collecting various pieces of the puzzle to connect the student with appropriate resources and support.   

How to Submit a UCARE Concern:

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Thank you for helping to provide the safest and most effective learning environment possible for our students!

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