Office of the Vice Chancellor Staff

Debra Robinson, Ph.D.

Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

Jim Murphy, Ed.D.

Associate Vice Chancellor & Dean of Students

Edna Grover-Bisker, Ed.D

Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

Barb Prewett, M.S.

Assistant Dean of Students

Shasta Johnson, M.A.

Program/Project Support Coordinator

Hilary Beam

Executive Staff Assistant

Department Directors and Managers

Mark Mullin, M.A.

Director, Athletics & Recreation

William Zwikelmaier, M.Ed.

Director, Career Opportunities and Employer Relations

Patti Fleck, Ph.D.

Director, Counseling Services

Emily Brickler, M.A.T.

Managing Director, Leach Theatre

Dorie Paine, Ed.D.

Director, Residential Life

Dennis Goodman, D.O.

Certified Medical Director, Student Health Services

John Gallagher, M.Ed.

Director, Student Involvement

Mark Potrafka, M.S.

Director, Services & Operations

Carol Durk, M.S.

Manager, Testing & Student Disability Services